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The History of Facial Fillers

By Park Cities Fillers | In Facial Fillers | on June 2, 2014

Procedures like collagen injections are relatively commonplace today. Millions of people all over the country use them every year to combat the signs of aging, boost their self-confidence and improve their overall appearance instantly. But facial fillers are nothing new. In fact, similar practices have been around for hundreds of years!

How Facial Fillers Came to Befacial fillers

The augmentation of soft tissue began in the 19th century with Franz Neuber. A German physician, Neuber practiced autologous, the process of re-implanting tissue in the body from it came. At the time, autologous was simply used to fix facial defects.

In the 1940’s, facial improvement became even more popular with the advent of silicone injections. Though these treatments received positive results for most patients, the injections were soon banned due to their adverse side effects and potential for abuse.

Forty years later, dermal implants hit the market. These used bovine collagen injections to make cosmetic changes to the face and skin. The process was actually approved by the FDA in 1981, and to this day, it is still a standard practice in the industry.

Later on in the ‘80s, Fibrel injections emerged as a new dermal augmentation procedure. Fibrel worked by forming a clot which would stimulate collagen production in the face. It quickly became a popular way to fight facial aging. Unfortunately, when the AIDS epidemic began, the injections were soon taken off the market to avoid spread of the blood-borne disease.

When the liposuction movement began in the 1980’s, fat once again emerged as a source for tissue augmentation and facial fillers. Collagen would be extracted from harvested, liposuction fat and used as an injectable for those looking to fight aging.

Facial Fillers Today

Today, facial fillers are typically hyaluronic acid derivatives, harvested and cultured autologous dermal implants, human-derived allogeneic products, and products with synthetic derivatives.

While facial fillers are perhaps more prevalent today, they have a long, rich history. From autologous to collagen injections, the fight to perfect facial contours and deter wrinkles has come in many forms. And as long as facial aging exists, the quest for the simplest, most effective treatment will continue.

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