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  • Curing That Tired Look Around Your Eyes

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Aging Skin | on November 20, 2014

    Is there a magical cure for the tired look around my eyes? For the majority of patients, the answer is “YES”!! And I am pleased to be able to tell you that your anti-aging genie/consultant knows just what to do!  Gravity and sun damage are not our only enemies of youth—VOLUME LOSS is a BIG […]

  • Win a $500 Botox Treatment!

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Botox, Contests | on November 3, 2014

    Enter to win a $500 Botox Treatment! All you have to do is enter here: http://a.pgtb.me/hs9QGN Call us at (469) 608-0888 if you have any questions! 😀 ($500 in botox product administered by a an experienced nurse injector.) Botox has a ton of benefits that most people aren’t aware of! 1. Clearing Wrinkles For treatment of wrinkles […]

  • Have you ever wondered what the closest thing to magic is for reducing fine lines, skin discoloration and overall making skin look beautiful? Tretinoin, Retinol and Retinoic Acids, all derived from Vitamin A, are the ‘magic’ ingredients you are looking for—not only do they reverse existing damage to skin, but they are key to maintaining […]

  • Accomplishing Natural Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Aging Skin, Skin Care Facts | on September 26, 2014

    Do you want to know the closest thing to a genie for keeping youthful characteristics in your face? Anti-aging and facial rejuvenation can be accomplished using various products. We all KNOW that!!! There is also a question we need to KNOW the answer to as well: “How do we truly accomplish anti-aging and rejuvenation for […]

  • When faced with the cost of facial fillers, many people look to muscle relaxers as a more affordable alternative. Unfortunately, this is a misguided substitution. Though they may be cheaper, in reality, muscle relaxers are much less effective and deliver fewer results than professionally applied dermal fillers can. If you’re currently deciding between dermal fillers […]

  • 5 Common Myths About Fillers Debunked

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Facial Fillers, Skin Care Facts | on August 10, 2014

    Everyone’s heard plenty of myths about dermal fillers. But what they are is just that: myths. For whatever reason, these mysterious fables have been going around for decades. It’s time to set the record straight! Take a look about these myths about fillers and the truth behind each tale. MYTH #1: Dermal filler injections are […]

  • 7 Surprising Factors That Make Your Skin Age Faster

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Aging Skin, Skin Care Facts | on July 16, 2014

    Our skin ages naturally, but did you know there are mistakes you could be making that actually hasten that aging, and make you look even older than you are? Unfortunately, it’s true: there are multiple factors that make your skin age faster than it should. If you want to look young and keep that youthful […]

  • 5 Critical Skin Care Facts That You Must Know

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Skin Care Facts | on July 2, 2014

    Everyone wants flawless skin, but the truth is, even with a strict skin care regimen, most of us still find our complexion falls short. You might not know it, but there’s a lot more than just moisturizer and face wash to think about when it comes to your skin’s health. Do your skin a favor, […]

  • The History of Facial Fillers

    By Park Cities Fillers | In Facial Fillers | on June 2, 2014

    Procedures like collagen injections are relatively commonplace today. Millions of people all over the country use them every year to combat the signs of aging, boost their self-confidence and improve their overall appearance instantly. But facial fillers are nothing new. In fact, similar practices have been around for hundreds of years! How Facial Fillers Came […]

  • Dallas, TX, May 22, 2014 –(PR.com)– ATM Digital Branding, LLC, a digital branding agency located in Dallas, TX, announced today the launch of www.ParkCitiesFillers.com. The website was custom designed and developed for Dr. Steve Byrd and his staff at Park Cities Fillers in Dallas, TX. “We are very pleased with the ParkCitiesFillers.com website,” said Corey Swan, Co-Founder […]

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