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Accomplishing Natural Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

By Park Cities Fillers | In Aging Skin, Skin Care Facts | on September 26, 2014

Do you want to know the closest thing to a genie for keeping youthful characteristics in your face?

Anti-aging and facial rejuvenation can be accomplished using various products. We all KNOW that!!! There is also a question we need to KNOW the answer to as well:

“How do we truly accomplish anti-aging and rejuvenation for our own faces and which products/what combination of products will do that for me?”

ANSWER: When accomplishing natural anti-aging and rejuvenation we need our own genie … but in this day and age let’s define some of that magic and use the word: consultant. Our consultant should be someone who can evaluate our faces aesthetically, seeing the beauty that is there and recommending the combination of products that will restore a youthful and natural countenance. Our consultant should have years of experience in restoring youth to the face, a vast experience with the available products and technical expertise in both. When these qualities are matched with a kind and gentle temperament the winner will be YOU. You will be pleased with the natural, youthful face in the mirror once more when you consult with Dr. H. Steve Byrd and his aesthetically minded assistant, Lisa, R.N.

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