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7 Surprising Factors That Make Your Skin Age Faster

By Park Cities Fillers | In Aging Skin, Skin Care Facts | on July 16, 2014

tuesdayOur skin ages naturally, but did you know there are mistakes you could be making that actually hasten that aging, and make you look even older than you are? Unfortunately, it’s true: there are multiple factors that make your skin age faster than it should.

If you want to look young and keep that youthful glow, learn these surprising acts that can age your skin, and take steps to avoid them in your own life:

  1. Not getting enough rest. Sleep is crucial to your overall health. When you sleep, your body has time to recuperate after your busy day. Not only is lack of sleep linked to looking older, but it correlates with high blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain – none of which are good for your well-being.
  2. Forgetting the sunscreen. Leaving your skin unprotected from the sun is one of the biggest factors that make your skin age faster. Protecting your skin even on cloudy days is important, because damaging UV rays still affect you, even if you can’t see them.
  3. Only caring for your facial skin. While your face is probably your first priority in terms of keeping a youthful appearance, you need to keep in mind other important areas. By forgetting to protect places like your face and neck with moisturizer and sunscreen, you’re setting yourself up for aging skin, as well as an overall lack of firmness, dark spots and dryness.
  4. Skipping exercise. Lack of exercise promotes skin aging. Exercise encourages blood flow and tones your muscles, so when you fail to work out regularly, your skin and overall physical appearance suffers. Your skin will look dull, red and splotchy, and you’ll look much older than you really are.
  5. Being exposed to cold weather. Low temperatures and chilly winds can dry out your skin and impact its aging. Be sure to use moisturizer during the winter, as it can help counteract this issue.
  6. Sleeping in your makeup. Sometimes we find ourselves exhausted after a long day, and we just don’t feel like taking the time to remove all of our makeup. This is a huge mistake. Skipping the cleansing process can lead to future breakouts, it can clog your pores and, ultimately, it can ruin your complexion.
  7. Keeping the same sleep position.The way you sleep can actually affect your skin’s appearance. After sleeping a certain way for many years, you can develop sleep lines. These are wrinkles that appear after your skin is pressed against the pillow at a specific angle every night. Side sleepers and those who sleep face down develop sleep lines. Back sleepers avoid these wrinkles.

Keep in mind these important factors that make your skin age faster. Want to make sure you keep your skin looking young and vibrant? Park Cities Fillers offer multiple solutions to maintain your youthful beauty. Schedule an appointment with Park Cities Fillers by contacting them at 214-821-9662.

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