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5 Critical Skin Care Facts That You Must Know

By Park Cities Fillers | In Skin Care Facts | on July 2, 2014

skin care factsEveryone wants flawless skin, but the truth is, even with a strict skin care regimen, most of us still find our complexion falls short. You might not know it, but there’s a lot more than just moisturizer and face wash to think about when it comes to your skin’s health.

Do your skin a favor, and learn these little-known skin care facts. They’ll help you better understand this tricky part of our bodies, so you can have the glowing, beautiful complexion you’ve been yearning for.

 1. As we age, our skin cells shed more slowly.

The reason children have much softer, perfect skin is their cell production rate. Adult skin can appear duller, because there are more dead cells present on the surface. Exposure to sunlight can also attribute to a slower cellular turnover. Daily exfoliation and some topical antioxidant serums can help to promote cell production and bring back that glow in your complexion.

2. It might be smart to skip the night creams.

At night, while you sleep, your skin is working hard to regenerate. It does this by balancing oil production and getting rid of impurities. By applying night creams, you can potentially interfere with these important tasks and slowly prevent your skin’s ability to care for itself. Applying nightly moisturizer can signal your glands to cut down moisture production, revealing potentially drier skin that becomes more dependent on your products.

3. Be careful with self-tanner.

This is one of the most important skin care facts to remember. You should never apply self-tanner if you’re planning on going out into the sun. Most self-tanners use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as a main ingredient. A 2007 German study revealed that DHA makes your skin release 180 percent more free radicals when exposed to sunlight. This means that protecting your skin is very important when you’ve recently applied self-tanners.

4. “Hypoallergenic” has no meaning.

According to the dictionary, “hypoallergenic” means below normal or slightly allergenic. The truth is – this doesn’t mean much when it comes to skin care products. There is no actual standard or certification process for a product to be labeled hypoallergenic. They’re no healthier or less abrasive than any other product on the market.

5. Age spots have little to do with aging.

What we call “age spots” should really be referred to as sun spots. They occur because pigment cells are accumulating on the surface of our skin. Preventing them is simple: just apply a daily sunblock to ward off these marks.

Keeping these skin care facts in mind can help you understand and care for your skin better. Always remember: our skin is made to care for itself, so try not to interfere with its process. Also, take care to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays to keep it looking vibrant and flawless. Looking for more ways to get great skin? Call Park Cities Fillers today for a free consultation at (214) 821-9662.

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